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The ENZO Articulator System

The ΕΝΖΟ articulator is plasterless and incorporates disposable plastic sleeves wich mount and remove the models while maintaining the bite registration.

These sleeves are easily glued to the bottom of each model allowing for access to the die pins.

The ΕΝΖΟ articulator provides accurate articulations in seconds. Both the upper and lower mounting arms swivel 360o  on ball joints allowing for all types of movement and accommodating even the most difficult bites.

The articulator replicates lateral and protrusive excursions. Lightweight and perfectly balanced, it fits comfortably in the technician's hand.

The easy to use articulator is also ideal for the operator for immediate bite changes that have to be made by the dentist.

The ENZO Articulator, incorporating the new plastic sleeve technology, is a plasterless system. These plastic universal disposable sleeves slide into the articulator and easily attach to any model with a flat bottom surface.

Both quadrant and full arch models are accommodated with this universal design.

Instructions for mounting the plastic sleeve to the model base are quite simple.

First, score the area of the bottom portion of the stone model that will be accepting the sleeve.

Then go ahead and permanently glue the flat side of ENZO plastic sleeve to the stone model.

Proper placement of the sleeve onto the full arch model will enable you to keep the pins accessible for removal. The ENZO articulator will handle all size models and will work with different model/ die systems like Monotrack, Krystal and others.

TIP :“The ENZO articulator is  a great tool for immediate bite changes made by the dentist in practice.”