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Who is the Manager and Supervisor of sTiDental

Manager and Supervisor of TiDental works is dental technician Mr. Nikos Ioannis Telioglanidis..

He graduated from PASTER school of Thessaloniki. He came acquainted to the world of dental technology from a very small age, as he was in continual contact and occupation in his father's dental laboratory.

As he is a “restless spirit” and dynamic observer of technological progress all over the world, he has attended many seminars in Greece and abroad, in the exclusive purpose to constantly improve his technical training and adequacy.

He maintains his own dental laboratory since 1985 and constantly tries to equip it with modern machines and techniques.

He often makes particular reference to the material TITANIUM, which he has been utilizing for at least 12 years in complicated works with great success.

His specialized technical skills, combined with his love for the profession of dental technician, as well as his directness and his character's consistency, have enabled him to work flawlessly with other laboratories in Greece and abroad.

He has high confidence and appreciation for his partners, whom he considers to be an integral component of the excellent work and high quality offered by TiDental.

These people are his wife, Mrs. Nopi Saoulidou, dental technician trained in Germany, occupied in German dental laboratories for many years, his brother Mr. George Telioglanidis, specialized manager with knowledge of milling works (burrs), metal and thermoplastic dentures, Mr. Georgios Telioglanidis, metal dentures of Titanium and Cr-Co and thermoplastic dentures, Mr. Dimitrios  Kamariotis, dental laboratory , zirconium cutting,  in Chalkida.

His favorite phrase is:

«We try by every means and way to offer the best we can to the dentist and the patient