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DENTIFLEX is a polyamide thermoplastic resin used for making metal-free partial dentures.

Eliminates the metal clasps found on the typical partial denture.

Amazing flexibility of the material enables the production of esthetic partials because the shape and color of the clasps makes them almost invisible in the patient’s mouth.

High level of biocompatibilty is proven with certifications from the Polish National Institute of Medicine.

High estheticsare the main advantage of dentures made with DENTIFLEX. Tooth colored clasps replace the visible metal clasps.

High resilience/elasticity of the clasps allows you to adjust their flexibility and to locate them next to the gingival margin, thus improving the overall esthetics of the partial denture.

High transparency of the plateand the effect of a “veined” plastic, enhance the vitality and natural look of a denture made with DENTIFLEX.

Advantages of prostheses made of DENTIFLEX material in comparison with conventional acrylic partial dentures:

  • no visible clasps
  • high esthetics
  • higher resistance to bending
  • no residual monomer
  • no allergy-causing components
  • does not irritate mucous
  • does not cause allergic reactions
  • clasps do not damage the enamel or the periodontium

Advantages of prostheses made of DENTIFLEX material in comparison with a conventional acrylic prostheses:

  • complete bio compatibility - proven with certificates
  • repairs can be made - such as adding an extra tooth or re-basing
  • lowest moisture absorption among dental materials 
  • easy to polish to a high luster
  • higher resistance to bending
  • color is resistant to UV rays
  • the stiffness of the plate can be adjusted
  • will not deform while drinking hot liquids
  • transparent clasps can be made with DENTIFLEX CLEAR